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We develop any XML Integration for hotels, flights, ferries, trains, car rental and transfers.

XML Integrations and Web Services

Easy access to all travel providers with full content.

Are you planning to integrate with more than one GDS or other content provider in the foreseeable future? Do not even bother thinking about integrating directly – use us and rest assured it will pay off. You do not need a lot of GDS experience. Our workflows and explanations help you deal with the specifics of any reservation system. In any case our travel experts can assist with challenges you are facing.

A new adapter/interface to any not yet integrated 3rd party system with a structured API (including but not limited to any XML provider) can be developed in a matter of weeks. Our adapters are based on reusable components. Our high performance core provides an easy integration of new adapters. This means that any travel content system can be integrated, even more complex systems and others.

In addition to the travel XML integration, offers support and maintenance, including regular updates to the implemented travel API interface. Updates are necessary because the suppliers themselves continuously develop their travel technology systems.


Our clients have confirmed that our technology has saved them a lot of time, money and stress. Clients who started out by themselves told us they wish they had known about us before.

  • Traveldevelopers offers several filtering capabilities in order to create the ideal solution for your business case and requirements.

  • Maintain only one backwards compatible interface – we will ensure that interface changes of GDS and 3rd parties will be seamless to you.

  • Access to consolidators, low cost carriers (LCC) or access airline Central Reservation Systems (CRS) directly via XML API

  • Integrate all major GDS and travel content supplier for flights, hotels, cars and trains.

    If you are interested in other suppliers, we can implement almost every adapter.

XML Services:

Our company provides data-rich solutions that give travel buyers and suppliers unique insights into their operations as well as customer shopping and booking trends.

XML Integrations and Web Services

All of our travel portals and OTA systems are bespoke developments, and specifically built to cater each client’s needs. We provide a secure online booking system that is integrated with a payment gateway facility as per your preferences.

XML Integrations

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